SolarCompliantLabels.com is a product of Precision Engraving and Signs who is a leading manufacturer of custom signs, plaques, and labels for all types of industrial, commercial, and personal use.  We manufacture these labels, signs, and plaques in our locations located in Long Beach and Signal Hill California.  Established in 2015, we have quickly grown into a full-service label, sign, and plaque manufacturer. 

Our employees are dedicated to producing high quality products at affordable prices that suit the customers’ needs.  We have a wide variety of solar compliance product on our website.  We will make a custom product that suits your needs if the needed labels, signs, or plaques are not already in our production.



Our clients include installers, retailers, manufacturers, schools, office buildings, churches, and many others who all depend on us providing high quality signs, labels, and plaques for their employees and customers. 



To deliver the highest quality product for the most affordable price.  We will also provide you quick shipping and a great customer service experience.  We look forward to earning your business and keeping your business.